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Pet owners tend to care about their fur babies' health just as much as their own. So it's good news that veterinarian clinics and shelters in Monterey County are still offering services during the county’s new COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. They are working hard to take extra precautions to keep their patients' owners and employees healthy. 

The Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center in Ryan Ranch in Monterey is still operating 24/7 and its daily general practice has not reduced any services. 

Erica Buchanan, an employee at the clinic, said that they are taking every precaution possible to keep their clinic safe and they have increased staff during this time.

“We don’t want people to be fearful to come in. We have gloves and masks for pet owners to keep everyone safe,” she says. “We want them to bring their fur babies in. We don’t want any of the babies stuck at home sick.”

Other clinics such as the Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital are also remaining open and are providing pet owners with gloves and masks as they enter the building. They are also limiting the number of people allowed inside to just one or two patients at a time. 

“Everybody waits outside, and highly touched areas are cleaned hourly,” says Casey Hillard, the assistant manager. 

Many clinics are sending out notices of procedures via email to their current patient lists. The VCA Ocean View Animal Hospital’s notice asks pet owners to call ahead of time for an appointment, wait outside or in their car until they are called in, and remain outside the clinic if they are there to pick up food or medication and an employee will deliver the order. 

Clinics are encouraging those that might not be feeling well or may be at a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 to send a healthy friend or family member to transport their pet.

Both the Salinas Animal Services and Monterey County Animal Services will be closed to the general public effective immediately through March 31. They are still taking appointments for adoptions of specific animals, stray or injured animal drop off and owner redemption. 

Animal Control officers will continue to respond to emergency calls such as dangerous dogs, animal cruelty and animal bite investigations. 

SPCA for Monterey County will also continue to make appointments for adopters and is fast-tracking all foster volunteers to make room for pets who need care. SPCA officials are also asking for donations of pet food and supplies for people that may not be able to afford them due to job loss or other reasons. 

The nonprofit has temporarily suspended some services and modified others. For a full list of changes made to their services visit the SPCA COVID-19 information page

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