Ice Skating Monterey

1. Ice Skating by the Bay—Custom House Plaza, Friday-Sunday

It’s the last few days to experience a little bit of the magic of winter to Monterey Bay before the ice rink closes. It's good vibes all around at this family-friendly rink, a chance to show off your Olympian moves or scoot along with one hand on the wall—whatever your skill level.

2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]—Paper Wing Theatre, Friday-Sunday

Three actors perform a lightening fast pastiche of his work. They're doing 37 in 90 minutes. Yes, that is what is meant in the titular word "abridged." The word "revised" probably comes from the addition of rap.

3. Rock Legends Tribute Concert—Golden Bough Theatre, Friday-Sunday

OK, boomer. You love classic rock music. And thankfully the music you grew up with is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time and ad nauseum use in advertisements. PacRep Theatre feeds that love every year with its Rock Legends Tribute Concert.

4. SkeptiCamp—Seaside Community Center, Saturday

SkeptiCamp is here to debunk the lies and those who seek to debunk truths with dubious means. A variety of speakers present on topics ranging from paradoxes in science, exposing Scientology and proving that the moon landings were real.

5. Walking Tour—Former Pt. Sur Naval Facility, Saturday-Sunday

Once the Cold War ended and the Russians became our friends—our really close, "let me help you with that election" friends—the top-secret base shuttered. It is the only such facility still standing on the West Coast (so far as we know).

6. Max and Bronwyn—Bargetto Tasting Room, Saturday

Crist is adept at the piano, guitar, vocals and dabbles in percussion. Van Joolen trained her chops at Berklee College of Music as a jazz vocalist. But neither of them, let their incredible structured classical training get in the way of their fun.

7. The Charities—Fernwood Tavern, Saturday

This soul-funk outfit draws from every genre they love (and that long list includes jazz, disco, R&B, jam bands, rock 'n' roll and Motown), making for a highly danceable set. They merge it all into something they call California soul.

8. Dr. Who Q&A Live Screening—Century Cinemas, Sunday

This screening airs a live interview with current  Doctor Jodie Whittaker—who plays the 13th Doctor, and the first woman Doctor—and Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, the Doctor's companions. It screens at Century Cinema locations in Monterey and Salinas.

9. Sam Pace—Folktale Winery; Bon Ton L’Roy’s Lighthouse Smokehouse, Sunday

Stop Sam Pace? Hell, you can’t even contain him—or his down and dirty, thick and swampy sound. So if you can’t catch him at Folktale at noon, you can find him at Bon Ton L’Roy’s Lighthouse Smokehouse at 7pm. Or, you know, hit both.

10. Out of the Blue—Puma Road Tasting Room, Sunday

Out of the Blue covers a wide array of pop wonders from the decades including Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. And true to their creative form, they put their stamp on covers with their signature "soul-rock" flare.

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