Viva Momix

1. Raise Hell: The Life and Time of Molly Ivins—Osio Theater, Friday-Sunday

Molly Ivins came of age in the 1960s and ’70s at newspapers like the Houston Chronicle, where she was the “sewer editor,” the Minneapolis Tribune where she was the first woman police reporter and had a radical streak, and the muckraking Texas Observer where she covered state politics with ornery humor and had fun, boozy times with colleagues and sources. “I’m a Texan,” she says. “I drive a pickup truck. I hunt. I cuss. I drink beer. I’m a liberal.”

2. Viva Momix—Sunset Center, Friday

When dance meets illusion, the audience meets Momix, a company of those aforementioned dancers and illusionists under the direction of company founder Moses Pendleton. In the show "Viva Momix," the company will present a collection of its most iconic pieces, along with several new works, encompassing illusion, beauty, magic and fun.

3. Fiddler on the Roof—Santa Catalina School, Friday-Sunday

Tradition! Tevye can sing about it and demand it. Sunrise to sunset, life follows the same patterns and rituals. But as the world around this poor milkman in a Russian village changes, life as Tevye—and his Jewish community—knows it begins to unravel. The classic musical brings charm, wisdom and humor, even as the historical plight of Russian Jews and the sometimes wrenching inevitability of change sink in.

4. Wild and Scenic Film Festival—Golden State Theatre, Saturday

A common thread throughout all the films is the creation of respect for the wilderness of North America. Whether you fall in love with a wild organism, appreciate someone’s cause, or understand the consequences of wilderness destruction, the festival’s objective is to inspire action.

5. Fall Fun Day—Earthbound Farm, Saturday

We're talking pumpkin stacking, scavenger hunt, corn husk doll, bake sale, live music, face painting kind of fun. And they have a master pumpkin carver—how do you get a great title like that?—to give you tips and ideas.

6. Pumpkin Plunge—Pattulo Swim Center, Saturday

This is an event in which the city places pumpkins into the community swimming pool, and invite folks to retrieve them, pay for them ($7 per pumpkin), then decorate them (there's also going to be kids games and candy). That sounds fun.

7. Flavors of Pacific Grove at Pacific Grove Golf Links, Saturday

What happens when you cage a couple dozen chefs in one room? Well, we know they come armed with sharp knives and other pointy things. But if you go to the Flavors of Pacific Grove expecting a show of bloody chaos, you’d be disappointed. Ah, but if you happened to think “I bet a couple dozen chefs in one room put on a cool party with great food”—well, you are absolutely right.

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8. Pablo Cruise—World Theater, Saturday

Fans still get the fun, easy-going, vibe and smooth vocals that wove through platinum albums like Worlds Away and A Place in the Sun. Pablo Cruise can still cause audiences to sway and let the music help them find their place in the sun. Rio, maybe?

9. Monterey Symphony—Sunset Center, Saturday-Sunday

This weekend marks the debut of this ensemble's 74th season dubbed Ovation, which will also be the swan song for music director and conductor Max Bragado-Darman, who will be retiring at season's end in 2020 after leading the orchestra for the past 16 years. Planned are two pieces by 19th century French Romantic composer Louis-Hector Berlioz - his Roman Carnival Overture (1844) and his most well-known and beloved Symphonie Fantastique (1830), a compositional benchmark of the Romantic period. 

10. El Tri de Alex Lora—Fox Theater, Sunday

When it comes to Latin American rock 'n' roll, think of Mexican group El Tri as on the level of The Rolling Stones. For 34 years El Tri has garnered an international fanbase with hit songs ranging from hard rock to blues to chill acoustic anthems. Front man Alex Lora's raspy voice and matter-of-fact delivery blends equally will with intense guitar riffs as it does with smooth saxophone alike.

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