1. International Documentary Film Festival—Osio Theater, Friday-Saturday

This is an important festival because the sight of a place like Agbogbloshie should accompany our understanding of buying devices and gadgets, because the sound of kids crying for their parent should accompany our news stories of the family separation policy. The format breaks up the films into three blocks per night. That’s good. It will take some time to metabolize these urgent and heavy stories.

2. My Body My Voice—Open Ground Studios, Friday

If you think outstanding art emerges from dark places, you aren't alone. In this case, the dark part is legislative attacks on women's reproductive freedom in statehouses across the country, part of a systematic effort to minimize women. The artistic part is a juried exhibition, titled "My Body My Voice," featuring the multimedia works of 23 artists living in 14 communities in Central California. 

3. Amy Warren—East Village Coffee Lounge, Friday

Amy Warren volunteers with Guitars Not Guns. She is director of the Marina Teen Center program. She helps with lessons for needy and at risk kids. That means she's a pretty good person with a big heart. And roots music is the heart of American music. Warren can also pick a fine guitar and sing folk, country, blues and rock, from the Carter Family to today.

4. Louis Prima Jr.—Fox Theater, Friday

For Louis Prima Jr, making music any generation can get down to is kind of like a family business. His father, Louis Prima, found national success and sustained it throughout decades with big band and swing hits that served as a soundtrack for distinct eras in the U.S. from the Roaring 1920s to World War II. He'll perform some of his father's timeless classics along with original material from his two latest albums.

5. Nosferatu—Sunset Center, Friday

A German real estate agent must travel to a decrepit castle in Transylvania, to sell a piece of property to a ghoulish looking client named Nosferatu, who comments about a picture of his wife that she “has a beautiful neck,” and then insists on buying the property next to him. That’s the intense beginning of F.W. Murnau’s classic 1922 silent film.

6. Trick or Treating—Lighthouse Ave., Saturday

Expect to see at least one t-rex and more than one or two Elsa’s—along with Spider-Man, creepy clowns (thanks, Stephen King), princesses, witches and cute baby animals—strolling down Lighthouse Avenue in downtown Pacific Grove and on Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey. Businesses will be passing out free candy and other treats to kids and their parents throughout the day. 

7. Haunted Mirror Maze—Monterey Mirror Maze, Saturday

If you dare test the Haunted Mirror Maze, just know that clowns will be lurking, following you, waiting around the corner and staring—make that glaring, with crazy eyes—back at you from mirrors. Yeah, they will have other, less scary props. But the clowns will haunt your nightmares...if they are nightmares and not reality.

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8. Men on Boats—Studio Theater, Saturday-Sunday

Playwright Jaclyn Backhaus did an interesting thing with her 2015 Off Broadway hit play Men on Boats. She based it on the journal entries of Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell as he led a band of men to chart the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon as part of an 1869 expedition. But she wrote instructions that the 10 characters be cast with all women. No men in this play called Men on Boats. Why?

9. The Wailers—Golden State Theatre, Saturday

The Wailers’ drummer Aston Barrett Jr. points out that there is much more to reggae than just learning to play the music. There’s a culture and a past infused in every sound. “You have to learn to live right, think right and be right,” he explains. “And you must understand the history – the oppression, the struggle and ultimately the exodus and liberation.”

10. Daimh—St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea, Sunday

From the bedrock of Gaelic culture comes this Lochaber, Scottish Highlands-based five-piece band worthy of the title supergroup, as each of the members are acclaimed recording artists in their own right. With a name derived from the Gaelic word for kinship, their five releases cover the gamut of Scottish and Gaelic folk, from high-speed jigs and reels to tear-jerking ballads.

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