Art Battle Monterey at MHAA Salvador Dali

Art Battle Monterey at MHAA Salvador Dali

1. Death of a Gangster Murder Mystery—Folktale Winery, Friday

Someone gets taken for a ride by some hard-boiled torpedo. Who really did it? The moll with the great gams, perhaps. Maybe the hoofer from the speakeasy. It’s up to you to solve the case before someone else gets bumped off.

2. A Flash of Broadway Burlesque—Paper Wing Theatre, Friday-Saturday

Paper Wing is known for taking on some sexy content, and this burlesque puts music and showmanship and drama alongside sex appeal. Go with anybody who appreciates some laughs and the ability of this theater troupe to turn up the heat.

3. Jazz Jam—Fireplace Lounge, Friday-Saturday

Plastic surgeon by day and jazz enthusiast by night, Dr. David Morwood is back in 2020 helping tourists and locals alike ease into the weekend with a rotating roster of local jazz talent. This month there's acts like Janic Marotta Pearl and Mike Lent, Bill Spencer and more.

4. Willie Barcena and Quinn Dahle—Fox Theater, Friday

It’s clear that Willie Barcena and Quinn Dahle both adore their wives. Even when they are making jokes about their relationships, they are really making fun of themselves. It’s observational humor at its best.

5. Cars and Coffee—WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Saturday

Think of it as a celebration of drinking and driving...except that the drink involved only affects your driving if you spill it on your lap, and there’s not much driving going on. Cars and Coffee gives local car enthusiasts a chance to show off their classic ride.

6. Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd—Henry Miller Library, Saturday

While Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd are understated in their soft harmonic folk tunes, they're big on joy and celebration. This duo delivers lyrics full of gratitude just to exist, set to gentle, down-tempo beats.

7. C.W. Stoneking—Fernwood Tavern, Saturday

Australian-born bluesman C.W. Stoneking has enough gravel in his voice to sing alongside his musical inspirations. He has the hum of Blind Willie McTell and the hoodoo of Memphis Minnie. If he could travel back in time, he would fit right in.

8. Art Battle Monterey—MHAA Salvador Dalí, Saturday

Another installment of this live art tournament in which painters race the clock and each other to create a piece, on the spot, in 20 minutes, to be judged and crowned the winner.

9. Monterey Symphony—Sunset Center, Saturday-Sunday

The Elgar composition is a kaleidoscopic work unusually organized into 14 very brief movements (the Variations), which run two minutes or less. They are wildly divergent in style. Elgar exploits the full range of the symphonic palate.

10. Ashes My Remedy, Lyfecoach and others—Sylvia’s Lounge, Sunday

Lyfecoach plays hard, fast and there is no stopping to think about the lyrics; this is what old-school metal sounds like. Monterey's own Ashes My Remedy headline with a message of redemption within their deep guitar riffs, heavy bass and clean drumming.

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