Music Man

Lee Durley is a traditionalist when it comes to interpreting jazz standards. “I’m an honest singer,” he says. “I’m not fancy singer/ I sing the song like it was written.”

1. Beyond Glory—Pink Flamingo Theater, Friday-Saturday

“The monologues are so varied and interesting. Some are surprising. I think Vernon Baker’s is the most thought-provoking.” Played by Miguel Higinio, Baker survived a punishing battle for a hilltop castle in Italy. The words in this play remain powerful and relevant. 

2. A Night of World-Class Storytelling—Folktale Winery, Friday

Five storytellers will regale you this evening with true stories of comedy and poignancy. Don Reed, Margot Letiman, Doug Cordell, Imran and Dave Nihill. In addition to these pros, one lucky volunteer will be chosen to tell a story impromptu. So get ready.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Yoga—Monterey Sports Center, Friday

First and foremost, it's not really a class, it's a once-a-year sort of deal. Next, it's not just for Lululemon wearing yogis, the whole family is invited and you don't even need to know the basics of yoga to play and get your stretch.

4. Ja


nka—Carl Cherry Center, Friday-Sunday

In the heart-wrenching play Janka, the story of Holocaust survivor Janka Festinger is laid bare as we follow her journey through the notorious death camps Auschwitz and Dachau and onto to the U.S. and the American Dream.

5. The Carolyn Sills Combo—Pierce Ranch Vineyards, Friday

To keep the band’s powerful, infectious, boot scootin’ take on Texas swing from blowing out the doors, Sills is going acoustic—and trimming down to a trio. No matter. This is still the sound of juke boxes and honky tonks, songs with heart and humor. 

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6. Gonzo—Fox Theater, Friday

Ryan Gonzales comes from a big family. Maybe you've heard of them. Ever heard of the band Tribal Seeds? That family. As a soloist, Gonzo draws from a repertoire that mixes the relaxed styles of the old-school reggae with funky, rhythm-driven beats.

7. Whalefest—Fisherman’s Wharf, Saturday-Sunday

Go search for Monterey’s strip of whale vertebrae sidewalk, one of the last of its kind in existence. There are scientists and interactive, educational fun: A demo by whale rescuers and a 30 foot-humpback whale skeleton, among many other experiences. 

8. Bricks n Beer Comedy Night—XL Public House, Saturday

Mikey McKernan is not funny…except that he has a way of making everything from innocent statements to lame puns so damn laughable. Boo haaa haaa! “I didn’t get the role of Jesus 'cause they said I’m not Jesusy enough. I forgave them anyway.” Gold!

9. John Paul Hodge—Folktale Winery, Saturday

A heavy dose of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of his latest recording, Outlaw Bits, released in 2019. The result is a collection of barroom romance, political belligerence and soulful heartache, sprinkled with a small dose of activism. 

10. Lee Durley—Embassy Suites, Sunday

Lee Durley and Scotty Wright are cranking out a versatile set of tunes, including the most jazzed-up version of the Beatles’ “Come Together” you’ll ever hear. All the while, bells on Durley’s shoe provide a surprisingly unobtrusive backbone to the duo’s music.


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