Chicago at Golden Bough

1. Holiday Tree Lighting—Cannery Row, Friday

Doesn't anyone wait until after Thanksgiving to get into the Christmas spirit anymore? Yes, Cannery Row Company waits. But only a day. At this annual tree lighting, there are family-friendly seasonal festivities including visits with Santa.

2. Superior Donuts—MPC Theatre, Friday-Sunday

Ten years after its debut on Broadway, the play Superior Donuts comes to MPC Theatre. It’s the story of an apathetic former white radical who runs a donut shop and a young and enterprising black man who shows up one day asking for a job.

3. Evita—Western Stage, Friday-Sunday

However accurate the depiction of Evita is in her namesake musical, elements of the work—like its narration of by revolutionary Che Guevara, plus memorable songs like "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," have endeared the production to many an audience. 

4. Chicago—Golden Bough Theatre, Friday-Sunday

Carmel’s PacRep Theatre is heating up the stage with Chicago, the Musical, the longest-running American musical revival and the longest-running American musical in the history of Broadway. 

5. An Irish Christmas—Golden State Theatre, Friday

But there’s one gift from the Irish that everyone enjoys: people dancing really fast while keeping their arms stiff at their sides. An Irish Christmas features plenty o’ dancing, led by Caterina Coyne (of Riverdance fame).

6. Moss Landing Art and Holiday Sale—Moss Landing, Saturday

Have you considered that instead of gifting your loved ones with mass-market commercial crap, you can instead gift them with something unique and handmade and local this coming holiday season? Like paintings created by rescued sea lions?

7. Gem Faire—Monterey County Fair and Event Center, Saturday-Sunday

In a two-day affair, vendors sell everything from loose beads, to handcrafted jewelry, to unpolished stones, minerals and crystals. Plus, there are even repair booths to save your favorite pair of earrings or precious family heirlooms. 

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8. Throwing Caution to the Wind Variety Show—Hidden Valley Theatre, Saturday

The brainchild of orator, narrator and local bard-in-residence Taelen Thomas will have a spectacular aerial ballet routine by dancer Erin Carey set to Thomas' presentation of Robinson Jeffers' nihilistic poem "Hurt Hawks" and more.

9. MC Magic, Baby Bash and Frankie J—Fox Theater, Saturday

Remember MTV in the early 2000s? Then consider this lineup a throwback to the days of felt fisherman’s hats and/or oversized baseball hats, falsetto-drenched songs, real crazy auto-tune, heavy intros—it’s a whole mood, OK?

10. Second City: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sweater—Sunset Center, Saturday

Straight from the improv mecca of Chicago, The Second City sends out their holiday tour to make audiences laugh all over the country. This holiday-themed show revolving around the infamous "ugly sweater" that creeps into year-end parties.

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