Russian Dance

There are three productions of Moscow Ballet currently touring The Nutcracker.

1. Amy Obenski—East Village Coffee Lounge, Friday

Does a substance exist beyond time and space that connects us all? If so, singer-songwriter Amy Obenski has found a way to weave it into her set of down-tempo, ethereal songs, delivering a sound that is haunting yet lifting.

2. Big Sur Food & Wine Festival—Big Sur, Friday-Saturday

Wine and Swine? Yes, please. Hiking with Stemware? If you're doing an outdoor adventure any other way, you're foolish—especially since event organizers keep said stemware filled pretty much to the brim.

3. Comedy at a Reasonable Hour—Carmel Foundation, Friday

This seventh iteration brings Johnny Steele and Richard Stockton—both prepared to poke fun at boomers—to the stage. Tickets include a glass of wine—and a chance to laugh at yourself.

4. Möller-Fraticelli—The Lab, Friday

Take one instrument and multiply it by two, and you get something much greater than the sound of two guitars. At least that's the case with Swedish guitarist Johannes Möller and Argentinean guitarist Laura Fraticelli.

5. Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker—Golden State Theatre, Saturday

“This one uses Tchaikovsky’s complete score,” says Sally Michael-Keyes, the company’s director of public relations for North America. The main character, known to Westerners as Claire, here is named Masha.

6. Cannery Row Day—Cannery Row, Saturday

As far as the organizers know, this will be the first time that Cannery Row is read out publicly. Also in the line up is a young woman who found out she’s the great-granddaughter of Cannery Row madam Flora Woods and wants to talk about it. 

7. Georgia English—Folktale Winery, Saturday

As a musician, English isn't scared to grapple with the strong, accented twangs of country and blues. But as a songwriter and singer, she complimentsher compositions with a powerful vocal delivery and lyrics that yearn for nostalgia, freedom and love.

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8. The Honeysuckle Possums—Monterey United Methodist Church, Saturday

Get this—in addition to the usual guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass arrangements, they also play strum sticks, tin whistles and such. This is a rollickin' band with some good old Appalachian flat-footin' to boot.

9. Evita—Western Stage, Saturday-Sunday

However accurate the depiction of Evita is in her namesake musical, elements of the work—like its narration of by revolutionary Ché Guevara, plus memorable songs like "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," have endeared the production to many an audience.

10. Kevin Burke—St. Mary’s by-the-Sea, Sunday

The concert is billed as a "cozy afternoon" with musician Kevin Burke. Cozy? Really? You see, Burke plays a mean fiddle. When he rosins up his bow, both the devil and Charlie Daniels surrender.

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