Royal Shark by Sea Sevilla

Say hi to "Royal Shark" by Sea Sevilla. The Animal Kingdom exhibit can be seen this weekend at The Shop in Monterey. 

Making art can be a slow, deliberate process, but hanging it can sometimes be a frantic, last-minute effort. At the art hub The Shop in Monterey on Friday afternoon, Sea Sevilla was busy getting the finishing touches on her one-woman show, The Animal Kingdom, that's about to open imminently—from 5-9pm tonight, Friday, Oct. 8, with a reception. 

Shortly before 3pm on Friday afternoon, Sevilla is still working, her arms and T-shirt speckled with white and blue dots of paint. She just finished hanging a big blue whale painting on the wall, its juicy crayon blue almost dripping from an old-fashioned, thin golden frame that provides for a dramatic contrast.

“Welcome to The Animal Kingdom show,” Sevilla says, showing her acrylic series sharks and monkeys wearing crowns. There are royal bats in elegant black coats of their wings and royal spiders adorned in diamonds. 

Sevilla is part of a graffiti group that circulates around the art hub, three muralists being resident artists with The Shop.

“I met the owners of this place in 2020 when they started this project, and that’s how I ended up here,” she says. “I’m originally a sculptor, so I guess I’m kind of switching over and this is my debut as a painter," she adds. 

The Animal Kingdom, Sevilla's painting debut, can be seen not only during the Friday night gallery reception, but also on Saturday, Oct. 9 (noon-5pm, reservation required) and Sunday, Oct. 10 (11am-3pm, no reservation needed). 

You can see the show for free (choose “complimentary” when making a reservation), go with the Art Lover option for $20, Support Local ($40) or VIP ($60).

Curious what you can get for $60 and up? A one-hour time slot to enjoy the designated exhibit, a special VIP signed Animal Kingdom print, a Little Luna Cheese Cone, and a glass of McIntyre wine.

Sunday is open for everyone but the organizers cannot guarantee the food and wine situation, Sevilla says. 

They are limiting 15 attendees per time slot so that you can comfortably and safely experience the exhibit.

The Animal Kingdom is viewable at The Shop, 1271 Tenth St., Monterey.

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