new ground mural in the Sand City Art Park

The Sand City community gathered Thursday, Aug. 5 to officially welcome a new ground mural in the Sand City Art Park. 

It was a windy afternoon in Sand City so the unveiling of the new ground mural in the Art Park on Thursday, Aug. 5, was purely symbolic. 

“Well, this is our new mural,” said Sand City Mayor Mary Ann Carbone, standing in the middle of the newest addition to what is growing into a Sand City mural gallery, located at Contra Costa Street between Ortiz and Redwood avenues. She was accompanied by artists Paul Richmond and Bryan Gage, who painted the mural last week and came Thursday night to celebrate the beginning of a busy time for this tiny community of just 400 residents.

Sand City already has seven beautiful murals from last year’s inaugural We. Art Mural Festival. Many more are coming in just a few weeks, with the new edition of the festival, now officially part of the annual West End celebration (Saturday, Aug. 28 and Sunday, Aug. 29) that has been celebrated by locals for 20 years now.

The unveiling event was sponsored by nonprofit Arts Council for Monterey County, which paid for the new mural to be created and provided coupons for tacos, served from a taco truck, and beer delivered by Post No Bills.  

The Thursday gathering was intimate, like most things in Sand City, but locals showed up in great numbers, carrying folding chairs and bringing children and dogs. 

The event attracted local artists and public figures including artist/City Councilmember Elizabeth Sofer, local musician and artist Hanif Panni, and artist/City Councilmember Greg Hawthorne.

“This can happen only in Sand City,” Hawthorne said, praising the space and zoning the city offers. He also pointed out that right here, in what used to be a public works yard, one can enjoy street art and street food from 5-6pm, then move to just across the street to a new venue, SandBox, to hear acclaimed pianist Sam Reider.   

Adorned with the new ground mural, Sand City is certainly ready for the season. Which is perfect because the West End Celebration and more murals, more food and more fun is just around the corner.

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