Doctor Drama

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster, left, stands with her criminal defense attorney, Gary Thelander, outside the Salinas courtroom following her trial in 2015.

The California State Medical Board is keeping a close eye on Dr. Mary Kay Brewster for the next five years.

As previously reported, the Monterey gynecologist convicted in 2015 of two felonies after slipping a three-and-a-half-foot-long ball python and three rats through the bedroom window of her estranged husband’s home gets to keep her medical license.

However, Brewster faces strict monitoring and psychiatric evaluations during a five-year probationary period. Any missteps on her part could trigger the suspension or loss of her license.

Within the next 60 days Brewster has to arrange for a licensed physician to monitor her practice of medicine and a psychotherapist to evaluate her on an ongoing basis.

The doctor and the psychotherapist must provide quarterly reports to the medical board throughout the probation period.

In addition, she has to submit to periodic psychiatric evaluations as determined by the psychotherapist, and possibly psychological testing. Brewster has to pay for all psychotherapy and and psychiatric costs.

The board's disciplinary action, which went into effect at 5pm, March 2, also requires Brewster to perform 100 hours of community service over the next five years at a non-medical nonprofit. She must provide any nonprofit she works for with a copy of the disciplinary action. 

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Brewster cannot practice medicine alone while on probation, which means she must establish a medical practice with at least one other physician.

Brewster is also required to take an ethics course and is barred from supervising any physician assistants.

The board's decision was reached on Dec. 9, 2016, and signed by Brewster the same day. It was ordered by a medical board chairman on Jan. 31, 2017. 

The doctor was convicted of felony stalking, felony vandalism and misdemeanor trespassing in November 2015, in part because of her June 2014 revenge plot against her estranged husband, Dr. Chris Clevenger. 

Brewster was sentenced to three years felony probation and 150 days of home confinement in January 2016.

The two doctors filed for divorce in August 2013, and the case remains active, according to Monterey County Court records. 

They faced off in court just a little over two months ago, arguing over whether Clevenger should pay spousal support, and getting their Monterey home fixed up for sale.

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