The Seaside man who was followed from the Monterey Lanes bowling alley in 2018 and allegedly beaten by a couple who hurled racist expletives at him during the attack is suing them for violating his civil rights.

The suit, filed July 1 in Monterey County Superior Court on behalf of Dirrick Williams, lays out the events of July 6, 2018, the day of the alleged assault at the hands of Noah and Tricia Boewer.

Williams had gone to Monterey Lanes that day to collect registrations for a golf and bowling charity tournament sponsored by The Village Project; Williams, a Village Project board member, had run the tournament for seven years. He spent a brief amount of time talking to a Lanes' employee, then left.

As he headed to his car, he crossed paths with the Boewers, saying "excuse me" as he walked past them. Williams alleges they referred to him with the N-word; when he turned to confront them, he claims Noah Boewer swung at him, and that Tricia Boewer jumped on his back as he defended himself from Noah Boewer's attack. 

Williams suffered multiple jaw fractures and has required specialized dental treatment.

Noah and Tricia Boewer are facing trial in criminal court for assault likely to produce great bodily injury and violating Williams' civil rights. They're due to appear in court on July 8 for a date for their trial to be set. 

Williams' attorney, Andrew Swartz, says his client "is a wonderful, decent, charitable-minded person, working on a charitable project, and these two drunks physically assaulted him and, using racial epithets, attacked him.

"To Dirrick's credit, he only tried to protect himself," Swartz says. "He did not really fight back out of his concern how it would be handled once the police showed up." 

In a report filed by the Monterey Police Department, a Monterey Lanes employee said the Boewers had been drinking at the bar that afternoon and appeared to be looking for a fight. Two men who sat near them at the bar were asked by Noah Boewer, “What the fuck are you looking at,” told, “Keep looking this way and I’ll knock your front tooth out,” and that he called them “fucking Indians,” according to the bowling alley employee.

That same employee said the Boewers were “instigating and trying to get a violent reaction out of the two men and she suspects they did the same thing with Williams as he was walking out,” the police report states. 

Nobody witnessed the start of the confrontation between the Boewers and Williams, but one witness reports hearing Tricia Boewer say to Williams, “Don’t look at me like that, you fucking nigger,” before she jumped on his back and punched him in the head. The report notes when police arrived, the Boewers were both yelling they would get revenge.

The Boewers had not been served with the suit as of July 2. They're being represented by court-appointed counsel in the criminal case; Jan Lindberg, one

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