The early-morning hours of Tuesday, Oct. 5 were disrupted by gunshots in North Salinas, near the El Gabilan Library. A shooting at about 1:45am left a 19-year-old man dead at the scene; Salinas Police officers responded to the 200 block of Chaparral Street just off North Main Street, based on a report from their ShotSpotter system that reports the sound of shots fired. 

When police arrived at the homicide scene, they report they saw a vehicle speeding with no lights on in the area. During a traffic stop, an officer shot the driver, who is a suspect in the homicide that happened just a few minutes earlier.

The suspect survived the injuries and is expected to fully recover. 

Neighbors report hearing voices arguing then gunshots, followed by police sirens. Alexandria Guillen grew up in the neighborhood and says it is not uncommon to hear voices late at night. “We didn't think anything of it because usually there is always [someone] arguing,” Guillen says. “We weren’t expecting a shooting.” 

Hours later, around noon on Tuesday, crime scene tape remained and Salinas police officers and investigators with the Monterey County District Attorney's Office gathered evidence at the scene. At least seven police cars and 10 law enforcement officers remained in the area, along with a crime scene investigation vehicle. Although there were two shootings, it all appeared to be one crime scene.

Police have not released details about either shooting; Salinas PD has asked the District Attorney's Office to investigate the officer-involved shooting, as is their practice in cases in which an officer fires. Salinas police are investigating the earlier homicide.

The name of the homicide victim has not been released by law enforcement officials pending notification of his family. 


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