Funny what a ruthless wildfire and flooding will do to a fragile nonprofit. 

Actually, it's not that funny. And the Henry Miller Memorial Library isn't that fragile. 

Case in point: After having escaped very close calls with the Basin Complex Fire that roared onto its property's edge…and a dust-up with county regulations that almost got them shut down…among all the other challenges that face nonprofits, let alone those deep in the wilds of Big Sur…

Now faced with isolation caused by the crack and demolition of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge…they're reasserting their South Coast survival instinct and moving north.

On May 27, the Henry Miller will re-materialize in the Barnyard off Rio Road in Carmel with a reinvented gallery/bookstore.

Programming point man Mike Scutari explains via email.

"The gallery will bring Big Sur to 'town,'" he says. "Books, live music, movies, talks—can you believe it? I can't quite either."

He's inviting suggestions about what locals and visitors would like to see at the new place, from music to art to "whatever." 

The nonprofit has also set up a Henry Miller Memorial Library "Please help us bridge the gap!" GoFundMe page.

"We've taken a massive financial hit due to the closure of the 'mothership' in Big Sur," Scutari writes. "The new storefront is also an effort to make lemonade out of lemons—create a new source of income to help 'bridge the gap,'" referring to the literal and figurative disconnect given the Pfeiffer bridge gone bye bye.


The first "pop-over" popped off. 

So much so that the Big Sur Bakery pastries, along with treats crafted by collaborator Ben Spungin of Sierra Mar, sold out so fast BSB baker-in-chief Michelle Rizzolo starts a message to me by promising:

"WE ARE BACK And WE PROMISE we baked more this time!"

Along with the bakery's Matt Somerville and Spungin, she'll be "back" at Salumeria Luca on Dolores in Carmel (625-0264), from 10am until they sell out Saturday and Sunday, April 8-9.

David Fink, Janet Elarmo and the Luca team help host.

Expect BSB's rather famous morning pastries including croissants, bacon bow-ties and ginger scones along with rustic sourdough loaves.

Spungin will be making an array of his celebrated chocolates and ice creams.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to Big Sur to help the tiny community through challenging times.

"Come early," Rizzolo says. "The goods won't last long."

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Brian Steen

Wow! Henry Miller Library North.
Really great news here!.

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