Happy Landing: The Golden Tee burnishes its identity as a cherished local (semi-) secret.   (copy)

The popular Golden Tee Restaurant and Bar will soon be under new ownership. Carmel’s Pepe International, helmed by veteran restaurateur Rich Pepe, has been approved to lease both the Monterey Regional Airport restaurant and the Flyaway Cafe, the latter of which is located in the secure area. 

Monterey Regional Airport's Board of Directors made the decision at a meeting on June 27, according to board chair William Sabo. 

The Golden Tee has been part of the community and built a solid reputation as a restaurant, even with its unusual location. Although Sabo could not speak to any potential changes, he said the previous ownership—four locals—wanted to move on to something else and sell their business to a new party.

The board approved Pepe International based on their positive reputation in the community and hope that existing patrons of The Golden Tee as well as the customers of the airport will continue to visit the restaurant after the ownership change. 

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“We on the board and the airport staff look closely to the reputation of the potential new lease and had a good track record in the area,” Sabo said. 

According to Sabo there has already been a sustainable amount of art added to the restaurant but he does not know of any menu or name changes in the future. 

Pepe International declined to offer further information at this time. 

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(1) comment

reality bytez

all you need to do is to look at the yelp reviews for this place over the past year or so, which are dominated by one and two star reviews. it was definitely time for a change. the place was being driven into the ground.

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