Toro Park trail

Heading southeast on the East Toyon Trail in Toro Park; in the background are mountains that burned in the 2020 River Fire.

Just as the sun is starting to come back out, there is good news for local hikers and bikers: Toro Park, Manzanita Park, Royal Oaks Park and San Lorenzo Park will reopen tomorrow, Jan. 20, after closing Jan. 4 due to the series of atmospheric rivers that battered the Central Coast. 

Jacks Peak, which is thickly forested with Monterey pines, will not be reopening tomorrow. Per a statement from the county, it "will remain closed while staff works to remove a large volume of downed trees from trails and roads."

Most of Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District's Garland Ranch will also open tomorrow morning—except for Kahn Ranch and areas around Paso Honda, which flooded—but Palo Corona might take until until next weekend. Caine Camarillo, MPRPD's supervising ranger, says that there remain a lot of fallen trees and limbs in Palo Corona, and he says there is much work to done.

Unfortunately, an inmate crew from Gabilan Camp in Soledad was scheduled to be out at the parks this week for cleanup and maintenance, Camarillo says, but had to cancel because of a Covid-related quarantine. "It would have been perfect this week," he says, adding that inmate crews are "a vital part of our process."

There is no rain in the forecast for the coming days, and while it's by no means balmy outside, this weekend is shaping up to be an ideal time to get outside and let some sun soak in—it's been awhile. 

Note: This story was updated to include information about Garland Ranch and Palo Corona regional parks. 

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