VIDA test site

A woman receives instruction on how to collect a specimen for Covid-19 testing at a VIDA site in 2022. 

Nearly three years since the start of Covid-19, one of the early icons of the pandemic—state-supported test sites—is winding down in Monterey County. Four sites operated by Logistics Health, Inc., working under contract with the California Department of Public Health, closed on Sunday, Jan. 22, due to a decrease in demand.

One site remains open at a Monterey County Behavioral Health building at 299 12th St., Marina.

The four sites that were operating up until closing time on Sunday included the Greenfield and Pacific Grove school district offices, Sherwood Hall in Salinas and Soledad library.

Free home tests are still available through government programs, such as signing up through People insured with Medi-care Part B, Medi-Cal and private health insurance can acquire tests at no cost at local pharmacies. (Check with your insurance for details about reimbursement.)

In addition, tests are still being administered at no cost by the VIDA Project and Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System's mobile van. Testing locations can be found at Another source of test site locations can be found at

Anyone feeling ill with worsening respiratory symptoms should seek testing and treatment at urgent care facilities, health clinics, hospital emergency departments and certain private medical providers. 

For those who test positive but are uninsured, age 12 and older, the state is contracting with a New York-based company called Sesame Care to provide free telehealth and phone visits. The link is

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