Big Sur

A view of Highway 1 in Big Sur near Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge.

After nearly a year-long closure, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park reopens July 1, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Visitors will have access to the campgrounds and four of the park's day-use lots, according to California State Parks. A soft opening of a portion of the campground began about six week ago

The park was closed due to the Soberanes Fire last summer, followed by heavy winter storms in January and February of this year, which closed numerous roads in the Big Sur area.

State Parks officials have been able to reopen some, but not all, of the hiking trails. The only trails currently open are the Liewald Flat Trail, Nature Trail, Redwood Deck, River Path and Warden’s Path.

Highway 1 remains closed at Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, but visitors will be able to get to the park using a new shuttle service that also starts July 1.

The shuttle will operate seven days a week from noon-8pm, picking up visitors from the Andrew Molera State Park parking lot and bringing them to a one-mile hiking path around the closed bride, then transporting them from the trail to various locations south of the collapsed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, as far as Nepenthe.

Starting in late July, shuttle service will extend to additional points south of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. The shuttle will run until the bridge reconstruction is complete.

Hours and fees of the shuttle can be found on the Sur Transportation website.

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The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge was damaged after a landslide shifted the base of a support column during heavy rains in January 2017.

A new bridge is expected to be complete and the highway reopened in October.

Meanwhile, Highway 1 remains closed on the south side of Big Sur due to a major slide

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(1) comment

Jeff Mallory

There are some serious errors in this article about the shuttle service. READ the Big Sur Shuttle page and the California State Parks 6/26/17 news release carefully before spewing misinformation.
1) highway 1 is closed at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park MAF station, _not_ at the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge. You are encouraging visitors to break the law and endanger themselves (and others) by saying they can drive through the closed, construction area of highway 1 between the MAF and Sycamore Canyon road. This is already a problem.
2) the north shuttle service from Molera _does not_ and _will not_ take visitors "from the Andrew Molera State Park parking lot ... to various locations south of the collapsed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge". The north shuttle takes them from Molera to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Camp Store where they must WALK over the new Tap House/Community trail through the park to Loma Vista where the south shuttle will take them to Nepenthe. And vice versa. Everyone must walk the new Tap House/Community Trail to get around the impassable Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge location.
We have too much stupid on highway 1 already without adding to the confusion. Please update the article so it accurately reflects the shuttle and highway 1 situation. thanks.

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