A proposed open-space project decades in the planning became reality today with the announcement of a donation of the Odello East property in Carmel by the Clint and Margaret Eastwood Trusts to the Big Sur Land Trust.

The 79-acre property of the lower Carmel River southern floodplain, which lies just south of Rio Road in Carmel and east of Highway 1, will now be known as the Carmel River Floodplain Restoration and Environmental Enhancement Project, or Carmel River FREE Project.

According to a press release from the Land Trust, $14 million of a needed $25 million to cover the causeway and restoration project construction costs has been raised.

The new Carmel River FREE Stewardship Fund has a fundraising goal of $2 million to cover the estimated $100,000 annual stewardship costs.

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In addition to getting involved through donations, the public will also have an opportunity to participate in volunteer opportunities once construction is complete.

The Carmel River FREE Project, in part, will help allow better public access to Palo Corona Regional Park.

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(1) comment

Oli Garchy

He did this to get tax credits on the donated land for his 300 unit development on Rancho and Val Verde. Smart move - donate the unbuildable land into conservation easements to zero out the taxes on the unneeded development so a few billionaires can profit even more. And what drought? When your Clint you can make political deals and sell water to get your agenda approved just like Tehema and Montera. Stick to movies Clint. You're already a billionaire. Why the need to keep building, scarring land and pushing wildlife out just to die with a few more zeros in your account?

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