Carmel Valley Community Park (copy)

Carmel Valley Community Park was originally where 300 German cars were set to be on display during Car Week for the Legends of the Autobahn on Aug. 14, 2021.

The 11th annual Legends of the Autobahn Car Week event is off for now, a little over a week before it was scheduled to show off 300 German cars. Earlier today, organizers withdrew applications to use Carmel Valley Community Park.

Monterey County Special Events Coordinator Freda Escobar confirmed the withdrawal, after an email blast announcing it by the Carmel Valley Association, a residents' group that was strongly opposed to the 300-car event coming to the park on Aug. 14. 

For many years, Legends was held at Pasadera Country Club but this year the group that sponsors the event, the BMW Car Club of America, applied to the county to have the event at Carmel Valley Community Park. It's unclear what prompted the move; club officials did not return calls for comment.

The main challenge to using the park appears to be guest parking. Originally the club requested use of the Carmel Valley airfield property but was told by county officials that it is not zoned for such use.

The club had until Aug. 9 to submit a parking plan, just five days before the event itself. There were other outstanding issues, including the need for an encroachment permit.

At a meeting on July 22, residents strongly objected to the event, arguing it was too large for the park and the valley in general, and would harm businesses in nearby Carmel Village and disturb residents.

Legends is still being advertised on the BMW club website. In a June press release its executive director, Frank Patek, said it "is with great pride and anticipation that we bring Legends of the Autobahn to the unique and beautiful setting of Carmel Valley Village. Attendees can look forward to beautiful weather, German engineering and a leisurely day of wine, food, and shopping.”

The release called Legends "an international sensation among German car enthusiasts with widespread coverage in the automotive media." The event was voted the number four car show in America by the USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice Poll in 2019.

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