COVID Vaccine (copy)

Homebound seniors, their caregivers and others living in the home with them can now register to receive the Covid-19 vaccine without leaving home through the Central Coast Visiting Nurses Association.

For anyone who can venture out of their homes, the VNA has also added a convenient curbside service in Monterey.

VNA is offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which works well for homebound people since it's only one shot, and easier for the VNA to store without needing special freezers. 

"It's a great vaccine," says Andrea Zoodsma, director of the VNA's Community Services department. She says there has been some hesitation among people about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after the Centers for Disease Control paused its use in the wake of very rare reactions. Last week the federal agency determined it to be safe for the general population and vaccinations resumed. Zoodsma says people should not worry.

Those interested in either being vaccinated at home or curbside should call the VNA at 831-648-3777, and ask for the Immunization Clinic. Someone will either call back or, if available, take information about the person/people needing the vaccine. 

For homebound individuals, a nurse will come on an appointed day to administer the vaccine and stay for 15 minutes to monitor for any reactions. 

Zoodsma says one nurse can typically do five home vaccinations in a day, the same amount of doses in one vial of the vaccine. (If there are any leftover doses, the VNA calls others who registered for a vaccine to ask if a nurse can come over right away to ensure no doses are wasted.)

There is no out-of-pocket cost to people receiving the vaccine, under federal regulations. If someone has health insurance, the insurance company will be billed by VNA to cover an administrative fee. 

Funding to make the home and curbside vaccines possible comes from the Community Foundation for Monterey County's Covid-19 Relief Fund.

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