Barbara Dill-Varga

The Carmel Unified School District and its superintendent Barbara Dill-Varga agreed to part ways effective immediately, although she remains an employee until June 30, two years ahead of her contract end date in 2022.

The CUSD Board of Education met for two hours in a closed session on May 14 to discuss Dill-Varga’s tenure, after which President Karl Pallastrini announced a unanimous vote designating Trisha Dellis, the district’s human resources director, as the acting superintendent, “in absence of the district's superintendent.” Pallastrini offered no more details.

A Mutual Consent Agreement document added to the CUSD website after the meeting hints at “disputes” between the board and Dill-Varga and states that the parties reached an “amicable, full and final settlement of all issues and claims regarding (Dill-Varga’s) employment by the District.” She agreed to resign from her position as a condition.

It also states that Dill-Varga is “unable to work” and will be using sick leave through June 30. She agreed to make herself available to the CUSD board and staff to respond to questions, but was admonished from conducting any other district business.

The agreement also precludes Dill-Varga from suing the district over any claims she may have now or in the future. Both sides agreed to not disparage one another or discuss the agreement with anyone.

Dill-Varga joined the district on July 1, 2017, leaving a job as an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at a high-performing district in Illinois. She told the Weekly shortly after she was hired that she wanted to find other ways of measuring student success other than test scores and help them connect their passions to future careers.

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