John Nyunt

Former Pacific Grove Cmdr. John Nyunt was implicated in his ex-wife's identity theft scheme—both are now facing years in federal prison. 

It would be understandable if Kristin Nyunt wanted to be someone else right about now.

The ex-wife of former Pacific Grove Police Cmdr. John Nyunt pleaded guilty to a slate of identity crimes, according to a District Attorney's Office press release: five counts of identity theft, two counts of computer network fraud, one count of residential burglary and two counts of forgery. 

She will be sentenced Aug. 19 to 8 years, 4 months in prison, according to the DA's announcement, with the possibility of supervised release after 3 years and 8 months.

John Nyunt was sentenced to three years in prison in April. He allegedly knew about his then-wife's identity thefts but ordered his PGPD subordinates to close their investigations of her activities. He was put on administrative leave in January 2013, after Kristin Nyunt's arrest, and retired from the PGPD last November. In March, he was arrested for allegedly threatening Kristin.

Investigators with the FBI and the DA's Office pored through tens of thousands of emails, text messages and financial documents, and interviewed dozens of witnesses and victims, according to the release: 

"John Nyunt provided the defendant computer access to secure police email and online police databases which she used to acquire sensitive personal identifying information of potential victims including social security numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers," the press release states.

"Kristin Nyunt used this information to commit dozens of criminal identity thefts. The victims include John Nyunt’s son, other police officers, and citizens throughout the state and country.

"John and Kristin Nyunt were owners of an unlicensed private investigations business. The clients from their business ultimately became victims of identity theft when Kristin used their personal information."

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