Christian Tapia (copy)

In this screenshot from Hartnell College's Facebook account, Christian Tapia is seen being sworn in as an officer of the Greenfield Police Department in 2016.

A Greenfield police officer is under investigation for felony assault and dissuading a witness. On June 10, the Monterey District Attorney's Office issued a warrant for Christopher Tapia's arrest. 

According to Monterey Chief Assistant District Attorney Berkley Brannon, Tapia walked into a Gonzales house and went to the backyard where there was an ongoing party. There, Tapia allegedly he assaulted a man. Tapia knew the victim and he was off-duty when the incident occurred.

“The allegations against Officer Tapia are deeply unsettling,” Greenfield Acting Police Chief Guillermo Mixer said in a statement. “However, we trust and have faith in the judicial system to conduct a thorough investigation, resulting in the appropriate outcome.”

Greenfield PD has also launched an internal investigation. 

According to Greenfield PD, Tapia—who has been with the department since 2016—turned himself in and he is currently on paid administrative leave. He was booked into the county jail but released soon after paying his bail. 

Tapia denies the charges against him and wants restore his reputation, his attorney says. "As a six-year veteran of the Greenfield Police Department he takes his oath to uphold the law extremely seriously and would never act in a manner that would violate his oath," says Steven Rease, Tapia's defense attorney. 

Tapia’s arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 11. 

This is the second time Tapia has been arrested. The first time happened in 2020, he was arrested by Watsonville Police on domestic violence charges. Those charges were later dismissed during a preliminary hearing.

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