Aloha Coffee & Cafe owner Richard Dunnuck in court

Richard Dunnuck, owner of Aloha Coffee & Cafe, in Monterey County Superior Court on Jan. 14, 2021.

A Monterey County Superior Court judge ordered the electrical service to Aloha Coffee & Cafe be cut until owner Richard Dunnuck reapplies for and secures a health permit; Aloha's permit was revoked in December after inspectors found Dunnuck had repeatedly violated pandemic health orders by refusing to wear a mask or require his patrons to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

PG&E cut the power on Saturday, March 13, one day after Judge Marla Anderson issued the utility shutoff order for the Monterey cafe. 

Dunnuck, who at a January court hearing stated that his status as a "living, breathing, natural-born citizen of this land" meant a judge couldn't order him to close and that the U.S. Constitution guaranteed him to remain open in a manner of his own choosing, remains defiant two days after the shut-off occurred.

Asked what he plans to do next, he responded: "I'm getting a generator."

And he says he plans to take legal action against the District Attorney's Office, the judge and Monterey County Superior Court, and is filing complaints with the State Bar Association and the state Attorney General's Office.

Aloha, he says, no longer exists and instead a private membership association (PMA) has taken its place. 

"When the injunction first happened, a private membership association was formed at that time and it's in the private domain," Dunnuck says. "The guidelines are on the door and if you don't agree to the guidelines, you don't come in." 

He calls Anderson's order "an act of treason" because the Supreme Court has recognized PMAs can exist.

"The order is unenforceable," Dunnuck claims. "They keep saying I need a health permit and that's like having to get a health permit for your home." 

Anderson's order states that Aloha's conversion to a private membership club doesn't enable Dunnuck to avoid having a health permit, and that the gas and electrical service shut-off applies to the original Aloha Coffee & Cafe, as well as any successor businesses, including Aloha Coffee & Cafe Club.

In order for the utilities to be reinstated, Dunnuck has to apply to the court and prove he has secured a food service permit.  

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(7) comments

Jeffrey Weekley

It's hard to believe that a few of the most beloved coffee shops and cafes are now permanently closed because of the tectonic shifts of the pandemic, but this place is still in business. Who would go there, anyway? Is it just the coffee service for the Monterey County Republicans, whose office is next door? This guy is a nut job if he thinks the rules don't apply to him because of "The Constitution."

Dalila Epperson

We have rights. Those rights are protected by the Constitution. Those rights are being violated by our state government. If you don’t know that, you must learn about it, please.

Marilyn Galli

You are incorrect the MC Republican Party are not the only customers.. They are just in the same building. People still come in with masks and order. We appreciate a owner that stands up for his rights after a year.

luis Valencia

Stand up for your rights...its your right to wear or not wear a mask and infect others....its my right to kick your ass for not wearing a mask and endangering me and my family...I am glad they are shut down. People, it's not that difficult, wear an fn mask, it's mostly for the protection of OTHERS...I know I know...deplorables have a hard time of considering others and only think "".

Marilyn Galli

It is not your right to kick anyone which is assault and battery. Forcing people to wear mask is assault and battery...blah blah blah

Dalila Epperson

About Aloha Club, disgraceful! Who is the judge. This whole thing sounds illegal as it pertains to the Constitution.

Marilyn Galli

I do agree they violating their oath of office and betraying Californians.

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