Monterey County Covid-19 deaths by race

For months, Latinos have been the most impacted group of Monterey County residents by Covid-19, accounting for 74 percent of the 4,082 cases despite making up 61 percent of the county's population. (That proportion is down from earlier data.)

Now it's confirmed what could only previously be assumed, that a nearly equal percentage of patients, 73 percent, who have died in Monterey County from Covid-19 are Latino. 

That means of the 23 people who have died as of Saturday, July 25, 16 were Latino.

That's according to new reporting by the Monterey County Health Department on its website beginning Saturday, July 25. A chart outlines the race/ethnicity of those who have died and includes some insight into age groups experiencing fatalities. It also reports some numbers of hospitalized individuals by group.

Of the 252 people reported as hospitalized with Covid-19, 202, or 84 percent were Latino. Twenty-six patients were white, or 11 percent of the total hospitalizations. (White people make up 28 percent of the total county population.) Seven people in the Asian and Pacific Islander group were hospitalized, or 3 percent of hospitalizations. Five people who were either Black or other race were hospitalized.

From the beginning, the Health Department has not reported numbers for specific categories if less than five impacted people are within that category for privacy reasons. Which means in the latest report there were no specifics for deaths of Asian, Black or white people, which together experienced a total of six fatalities.

Similarly, age ranges remain wide for fatality data. Seven people from infants to age 54 have died, or 30 percent. Sixteen people from age 55 and up have died, 70 percent of all fatalities. 

The state of California is reporting that as of Sunday, 39 people were hospitalized in Monterey County, down from 47 two days earlier. (The high was 54 on July 16.) Nine people were in the ICU. 

Doctors and administrators at the four hospitals became alarmed a few weeks ago about hospitalizations that were rising at that time. Last week they began a first-ever joint public information campaign about the importance of following health orders, including wearing face coverings. A press conference featuring all four CEOs is scheduled for 11am this Wednesday. 

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