Natividad Vaccination Clinic

About 200 people showed up at the last minute to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine at a clinic run by Natividad Medical Center on April 11. 

The weekend's Covid-19 mass vaccination clinic by Natividad Medical Center at Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas successfully administered the first dose of vaccine to nearly 7,900 people by the evening of Sunday, April 11, despite nearly 1,100 people who didn't show up for their appointments over the two-day event.

On Saturday there were 380 no shows, prompting the Monterey County Health Department to put out an urgent call to the media and over social media letting the public know Natividad would be accepting walk-ins on Sunday. About 200 people showed up before the clinic closed at 7pm, the county reported in a press release.

Another 700 people who had scheduled appointments didn't show on Sunday, but the 500 leftover doses were returned safely to Natividad. They will be used in clinics taking place this week.

It's not yet clear why there were so many no shows. 

Those who visited the clinic reported it was well organized from check-in to the monitoring period after people received their vaccination, with plenty of space for people to remain distant from each other. During the 15-minute monitoring period workers scheduled second appointments with those who were waiting.

As of 11am, Monday, there were no available county appointments listed for the week but the state's website,, stated there was availability at some pharmacies in Monterey County.

A list of pharmacies and other potential vaccination resources can be found on the Weekly's vaccination guide. 

It's best to try every possible vaccination resource early each morning as new appointments are sometimes loaded after midnight, depending on the agency or pharmacy.

If get an appointment, it's critical that if you can't make it, you cancel the appointment so that others may take advantage and no vaccine goes unused.

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