Mission Linen

The Mission Linen site at the corner of Sunset Drive and Congress Avenue in Pacific Grove is closer to becoming officially part of the city, after the City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday, March 17 to annex the three-acre parcel. The site has water and it’s possible it could become a location for much needed multi-unit housing in the future.

Councilmembers said they were happy to be approving annexation and Councilmember Luke Coletti said he was excited to be able to vote on what he called a very rare event. The parcel is the last remaining piece of county land within the city’s sphere of influence, as defined by the Local Agency Formation Commission.

The land is still owned by Mission Linen, which vacated the property in 2018 for its facility in Salinas. There are no current development plans for the site. Because it’s been an “island” of county land surrounded by city boundaries, it’s been slated for annexation since at least the early 1990s, according to a city staff report.

The property is also within the Pebble Beach Community Services District and will continue to receive wastewater services through that district. For that reason the city will enter into a memorandum of understanding that will give the district 0.02 percent of the annual property tax.

The rest of the tax will be transferred from the county to the city, approximately $2,700 a year, which will be used to defray the “minor increase in emergency response,” and other general fund maintenance costs, the staff report said.

There are still more steps to take before the annexation process is complete, including finalizing the memorandum of understanding and submitting an application to LAFCO. The commission will hold a public hearing to either approve or disapprove the plan.

Last year, the city pre-zoned the parcel as “light industrial,” which would allow for multi-unit housing. It’s directly across Sunset Drive from apartments. It is located across Congress Avenue from Pacific Grove High School.

P.G. resident and architect Tony Ciani told the council on Wednesday that he strongly supports annexation but suggested the building, designed by architect Gardner Dailey, has historical significance as an example of modern architecture and could be adaptively reused.

According to the Online Archive of California, Dailey collaborated with another architecture firm to design the building for Del Monte Properties in 1949. It was first known as Pacific Grove Laundry, before becoming Mission Laundry and finally Mission Linen. Dailey designed a few other buildings for Del Monte Properties inside Pebble Beach, including the Pebble Beach Golf Club, the Beach Club and an addition and annex to the Lodge.

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