Incredible sea otter fact #893: When sea otter pups are fully groomed by their mothers, they are so fluffy they are essentially unsinkable.

Incredible sea otter fact #894: For the second time this winter, a sea otter mom has chosen the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Great Tide Pool as a protected birthing grounds, thrilling guests and touching off giddy tidal waves of cute overload on social media.

The first Cuteapalooza happened in December, triggering tens of thousands of Facebook likes.

Now another mother has given birth this weekend—and even starred in an Aquarium video of the actual delivery of the newborn otter pup

Incredible sea otter fact #895: According to Aquarium social media point man Patrick Webster, the spike in attention was so steep that the otter mom out-trended Trump.

Earlier today she returned to the Great Tide Pool.

When Aquarium officials sent word of her return, we sent Weekly photographer Nic Coury for photos. Those appear here along with one from the fuzzball's birthday Saturday.

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