Rain Storm

Californians’ holiday honeymoon is coming to an end weather-wise, and Monterey County residents can pull those umbrellas right back out for the foreseeable future. 

Rainy conditions are expected to be persistent in Monterey County for the remainder of the week, with the heaviest rainfall coming over New Year’s weekend. 

A flood advisory for parts of the Monterey Peninsula, including Monterey, Seaside and Marina, was upgraded to a flood watch early Tuesday, Dec. 27 and remains in effect through the day. Weather officials encourage extra caution near low-lying and flood-prone areas, including rivers, creeks and streams. Some of the storm drains could become clogged with debris and flood streets as well. 

Wednesday, Dec. 28 will likely be the driest day of the week. It is forecast to be sunny in the morning before clouds set in the afternoon. There is a chance of rain later Wednesday evening, and temperatures are expected to drop into the mid-40s.  

Thursday and Friday Dec. 29 and 30 will start the rainy weekend, with a quarter-inch of light rain, according to Rick Canepa, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s Bay Area region, headquartered in Monterey. Northern Monterey County will see more rainfall than the southern half, and the rain is predicted to get heavier as Saturday, Dec. 31 rolls in. 

Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for Saturday, but as of Dec. 27, there aren’t any expected travel advisories for the weekend. The dry spells in between rain are expected to help prevent streets and walkways from flooding again this week. 

“Things are expected to dry up Saturday evening,” Canepa says. “Water levels can settle down in between the rain to reset, and prepare for the next rainfall.” 

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