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Seaside councilmember Dave Pacheco (right) was the sole dissenting vote over whether the city should form its own housing nonprofit. 

The Seaside City Council meeting stretched longer than seven hours on Oct. 7, and as is often the case with council meetings, the most consequential matters didn’t come before council until the night got late. 

Around midnight, the council unanimously approved a Covid-19 vaccine mandate—barring legal exemptions—for all city staff, contractors, board and commission members and volunteers. Under the mandate, city personnel are required to be at least partially vaccinated, or to have applied for an exemption, by Oct. 25, and fully vaccinated by Dec. 6. 

Preceding that, the council voted 4-1, with Councilmember Dave Pacheco dissenting, to create a nonprofit—the Seaside Housing Collaborative—under the umbrella of the city that will focus on providing affordable housing to the community. The board will consist of the city’s mayor and city manager, in addition to five Seaside residents that will originally be appointed by the city council.

Much of the council had questions about the power structure of the nonprofit’s board, and whether or not it might stray from the council’s vision.

Ultimately, Pacheco said he couldn’t support the formation of the nonprofit because he is worried about city funds going to it and then not being subject to the same transparency as business conducted by the city council.

Earlier in the night, the council also voted 3-2 (with Pacheco and Councilmember Jon Wizard dissenting) to agree to closing off Broadway Avenue on Nov. 20 between Hillsdale and Contra Costa streets from 3pm to 10:30pm for the mixed-martial arts event “War by the Shore 3.” 

Pacheco said that while he respects the event’s promoters, he thinks the event’s branding—War by the Shore—is bad for the city. 

It brings negative references to the past history of Seaside,” Pacheco said. “It brings bad memories, bad connotations, and Seaside just doesn’t need that.”

Mayor Ian Oglesby, however, said he saw the value for the city to inject some life into the city’s downtown with events.

“You have to create that vibe, that excitement,” Oglesby said. “This will do that, this could do that.”


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