Ian Oglesby - Seaside (copy)

Ian Oglesby celebrated winning the Seaside mayor's seat with his supporters in November 2018.

Long-term economic growth in Seaside has been an issue at the forefront of many recent discussions, and at 7pm, Thursday, Aug. 15, the City Council is scheduled to take another step towards supporting future job growth and business opportunities—hand in hand with knowledgeable volunteers.

A city staff report suggests that civic progress is best when citizens and business representatives are involved. City leaders would be missing a big opportunity if they didn’t capitalize on the wealth of volunteers available.

“One hard lesson we learned is, you never do anything for your community,” Assistant City Manager Leslie Milton says. “You do it with your community.”

The plan before the council is to rename the now defunct Economic Development Commission to the Commission on Jobs, Opportunities, and Business in Seaside, or C-JOBS, for short. The major difference between the two commissions is that C-JOBS will focus largely on job creation, “So our citizens can afford to live and work on the Peninsula,” Milton says.

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“This is something [Mayor Ian Oglesby] is advocating for because we don’t have a mechanism to hear the voices of businesses in the community,” she says. “But it’s also about preventing violence and youth violence. When people are employed they tend not to be engaged in violent behaviors.”

The proposed commission would be comprised of nine voting members serving two-year terms, appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. Five of the members would be local business managers or owners, and not necessarily Seaside residents as other commissions require. The remaining four would be representatives of local industries or “residents at large” with local business knowledge according to a draft of the ordinance.

The commissioners would be tasked with focusing on four main areas: economic and business development; business communication; business attraction; and, business retention and expansion.

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