county covid-19 data 5-4

The Monterey County Health Department on May 2 reported one new death from complications due to Covid-19, bringing the number of fatalities to six out of 235 confirmed cases. It also reported 33 people hospitalized as of May 3, and 65 people recovered.

The department also broke down cases by zip code for the first time. The areas with the greatest number of cases are also the areas with median incomes below the county’s median of $66,670, with more renters and in some cases more crowded living conditions. The numbers also reflect more Hispanics or Latinos or people of color in general. 

The zip code with the most cases at 64—more than a quarter of all cases—93905, is East Salinas, which by one estimate is 94 percent Hispanic, and has a median income of $49,650, according to Close behind is 93906, North Salinas, which is 74.5 percent Hispanic and has an estimated median income of $65,203.

The department included a line for “other,” in the Salinas area, representing 32 cases, which most likely means that other zip codes in the region have fewer than five cases.

The next highest number of cases by zip code was in South County, 93960, which includes Soledad and surrounding areas, at 15 cases. That area is estimated at 72 percent Hispanic with a median income of 58,981. The other South County zip code represented in the data is 93927, a large area that stretches from Greenfield down toward King City and over into parts of Carmel Valley and Big Sur. It had 8 cases reported. There were 11 “other” cases in South County.

Seaside and Sand City, 93955, was the next highest number of cases with 14 total. The Seaside city website reports a median income of $52,538, with 48 percent white, 43 percent Hispanic or Latino, 9.7 percent Asian and 8.4 percent African American residents. Sand City has a higher estimated median income of just over $60,000.

Monterey’s zip code, 93940, included nine cases. With a total of seven cases in the “other” category for the Peninsula and Big Sur region.

The county’s data reports that overall, 155 cases or 66 percent of the total are in the category of “Hispanic or Latino, Any Race,” which is above the estimate of 60 percent for Hispanic or Latino residents. Only 28 cases represent white, not Hispanic, patients, or 12 percent. Twelve cases are listed as “Other, Not Hispanic.” Forty cases are listed as under investigation in the race and ethnicity data.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that for the U.S. the weighted percentages for positive Covid-19 cases represent: 40 percent white patients; 27 percent are Hispanic or Latino; 18 percent are African American; 12 percent are Asian.

In California the CDC reports: 46 percent of those that tested positive are Hispanic or Latino; 28 percent are white; 7.5 percent are African American; 15 percent are Asian.

The percentages are weighted to compare similar geographic areas in an effort to determine if certain racial groups are disproportionately affected by Covid-19, according to its website.

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