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After estimates by PG&E that power might be restored to Pebble Beach by 10pm, Thursday, March 16, the whir of generators could be heard in the Del Monte Forest after that time, signaling that the power was still out, leaving those without generators in the dark for a third night in a row. 

As of Friday afternoon, over 2,500 customers in Monterey County are without power, most in Pebble Beach and two smaller areas of Pacific Grove and Monterey, even after a few different estimates for earlier restoration times. 

UPDATE: As of 8pm, Friday, power was restored to all but an area of Pebble Beach that showed less than 90 customers without power. The estimated time of restoration was 10pm, March 18.

Forest Grove Elementary was out for the fourth day in a row due to the outage, caused by high winds on March 14, that sent hundreds of large trees in the area toppling to the ground, pulling down power lines and utility poles with them.

On Thursday, Pacific Grove Unified School District Superintendent Ralph Porras was hoping that PG&E's estimate for the return of power by that night was going to happen. "This estimated time has changed twice before, yet we remain hopeful," he said by email. 

"If power is not restored, we are moving to an alternate plan and establishing a minimum instructional day. Meals will be served as usual. Parents will pick up students from the Forest Grove campus at the end of the school day," he said.

Before and after school care was scheduled to remain in operation, locating at Forest Grove in the morning and the Pacific Grove Youth Center in downtown P.G., in cooperation with city officials. The district was scheduled to take students by bus to the Youth Center.

Porras said the plan was to revert to a full-day schedule if power was restored while students were there for minimum day. 

On Thursday, a PG&E spokesperson said the delays were due to an unprecedented amount of damage to equipment that the company had not experienced before. In some areas of Pebble Beach access to locations needing repair was limited, leading to longer repair times.

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