A historic moment in Pacific Grove’s history was written on Saturday, May 14 and it was witnessed by over 300 people who gathered to participate in it. The city apologized for the burning of a Chinese village at Point Alones 116 years ago. The village was located next to where Hopkins Marine Station is located today, and it burned amid suspicious circumstances. That property is the destination of the roughly one-mile Walk of Remembrance, which goes from the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History to the site of the former village; this was the 11th annual Walk of Remembrance but stood apart from previous years. 

The apology comes after a lengthy investigation by the city's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force that included dozens of interviews with direct descendants, as well as other Asian Americans and residents, plus research using papers, books and other documents. 

It also comes two months after the Feast of Lanterns, a long-held faux-Chinese themed pageant, was canceled. This yearly event was widely criticized for its cultural appropriation and racism by Asian and non-Asian community members alike.

The turnout was the largest crowd ever since Gerry Low-Sabado started this annual walk over a decade ago. Low-Sabado was a Chinese American and fifth-generation descendant of of Chinese villagers who lost their homes in 1906. Low-Sabado, who for years waged a campaign to bring awareness to the true history of Pacific Grove's Chinese community, died in September of 2021, after battling cancer.

Participants on Saturday carried black and whites photos of some of the villagers and signs with messages of inclusion, equity and unity. 


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