Postcards From Monterey County - September 13, 2019

John Shykun of Pacific Grove looks out over Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove on Sept. 12 while his umbrella cockatoo named Nadia sits on his shoulder.

Postcards From Monterey County is a weekly, black-and-white photo feature highlighting life throughout the diverse communities of our region.


John Shykun looks out over Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove of September 12. He mostly fits in with the crowd looking at the blue ocean under a cloudless, light blue sky. 

From atop his shoulder, a face of white feathers and a shiny, black beak turns around to peek at a photographer's camera, then squawks loudly. It is Shykun's umbrella cockatoo named Nadia.

"She comes here to walk along her wall," says Shykun who has had Nadia for 17 years. "If there's a seagull nearby, she'll scream at it until it leaves. This is her wall."

Staff photojournalist at Monterey County Weekly.

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