Postcards From Monterey County - August 30, 2019

George, a Black Angus steer, is washed by Hayden Laporte of Hilltown 4-H on Aug. 29.

Postcards From Monterey County is a weekly, black-and-white photo feature highlighting life throughout the diverse communities of our region.


"He's really soft on this side. You can pet him here," says Makenzi Laporte pointing at a large section of brushed, black hair.

She is blowdrying Garth, her Black Angus steer, on Thursday, Aug. 29, at the Monterey County Fair. Laporte is a member of Salinas Future Farmers of America (FFA). 

Across the road, Laporte's brother, Hayden, is washing his own Black Angus steer named George. Hayden is a member of Hilltown 4-H. The soapy water drips off the cow's hair, creating  psychedelic design on ground.

A short time later, Hayden will follow his sister's lead and dry George to show during the fair.

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