Postcards From Monterey County - June 14, 2019

Dessy Junsay Murphy watches from the bench as her teammates on the Monterey Bay Derby Dames beat the West Coast Derby Knockouts on June 8 at Water City Sports Center in Marina.

Postcards From Monterey County is a weekly, black-and-white photo feature highlighting life throughout the diverse communities of our region.


A blast of whistles and cheers echo inside Water City Sports Center in Marina .

Dessy Junsay Murphy watches with intensity and focus from the bench as her teammates on the Monterey Bay Derby Dames beat the West Coast Derby Knockouts on Saturday, June 8.

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Murphy, known on the track by her derby name The Secret Cervix, has been skating with MBDD for eight seasons after joining in 2011.

In 2018, Murphy, a Seaside native who works as an athletic trainer, played on the 19-skater inaugural Team Philippines for the Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester, England. The Philippines is one of 10 new countries—along with Korea, Iceland and Team Indigenous for North American native people, among others—of the 40 total teams skating in the Third World Cup, which started in 2011.

In a past interview with the Weekly, Murphy gave her insight into how to invest in your health: “We move less than we should in the ways that we should, so keep trying to find the best way and the most fun way to dial that in for yourself,” she said. “Maybe because derby is so diverse in terms of age, focus and athletic (or non-athletic) background, you absolutely must invest in your physical self."

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