Carmel Beach

Beach goers walk down Carmel Beach as surfers gather in the water in April. The city ordered the beach closed over the Fourth of July weekend.  

A Silicon Valley engineer and a Carmel stained glass artist have been charged with refusing to leave the closed Carmel Beach over the Fourth of July weekend, after they allegedly went around barriers and refused a police order to leave.

Jay Endsley, a Santa Clara resident and veteran engineer whose professional history includes 19 years at Eastman Kodak Co. where he directed digital camera development, faces two misdemeanor charges—unauthorized entry of a closed disaster area and resisting an officer—related to the July 3 incident at Carmel Beach. Theresa Buccola, an artist based in Carmel, is also charged with unauthorized entry into a disaster zone, as well as a misdemeanor charge of possessing tear gas.

Endsley is set to be arraigned on July 15, and Buccola's arraignment is set for July 21.

The incident took place July 3, after the city of Carmel ordered the beach closed  in advance of expected crowds for the three-day weekend. Endsley was videotaped ignoring a beach volunteer who told him the beach was closed and going around a barrier so he could walk his dog on the sand.

Carmel Police Chief Paul Tomasi says Endsley walked up the beach one way and then back with officers walking and driving alongside attempting to talk him into leaving. When they gave up and arrested him, Endsley fought with officers at the water's edge, resulting in officers getting soaked, Tomasi says. Buccola was arrested after she came to his defense. 

In a social media post made after she was released from Monterey County Jail, Buccola wrote, "Yes everyone, that's me in the story. I was arrested yesterday on Carmel Beach and got out at about 4am in the middle of Salinas, 30 miles from my home, and the thugs had stolen whatever ability I had to defend myself late at night as a woman in the deserted farmland.

"I couldn't get a cab nor an Uber, so I tried for awhile to sit outside Natividad to make some calls, only to have more thugs come along and explain that because of Covid, I had to keep moving…I was kidnapped for being on a beach, only they listed it as 'entering a disaster zone' on the arrest report."

The disaster zone designation comes because of the pandemic. 

Buccola said she wasn't aware the charges had been filed by the District Attorney's Office, but said on Thursday she would return a call from the Weekly on Friday. Endsley, in a LinkedIn message exchange, said he would like to explain his side of the story but didn't want to jeopardize his defense. 

Staff Writer Pam Marino contributed to this report.

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