Sebastian Maniscalco has said that a story becomes part of his routine if he and others can relate to it. Like his mother coming downstairs from his room holding a towel. Admit it, most of you know what that means. “She was like, ‘Hey, I found this in your room...You owe me a whole new set of towels.’” How about a Monday evening visit to spin class. Nothing unusual with an instructor trying to motivate the room, right. In Maniscalco’s telling, the instructor urges the class to get rid of that bitchy boss, get rid of the debt, get rid of that annoying cousin. “I’m like, ‘Gee, how bad is it in here for these people? I’m just here to get rid of the cheesecake I had last night.’” Everything becomes funny when Maniscalco puts it in his words. That’s why he’s one of today’s top stand up artists. Both of his You Bother Me tour shows in Monterey are currently sold out. [DF]


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