CENTRAL COAST ART ASSOCIATION, 777 Pearl St., Monterey. centralcoastartassociation.com


“Sunset in Carmel Woods,” by Bobbie Belvel. A meet-and-greet and demo happens with Belvel for this month’s meeting on Monday, June 24 from 6:30-8pm.

OFICINO UNO PRIVATE FINE ART GALLERY, Ocean between San Carlos and Dolores, Carmel. 915-4411, oficinouno.com


In Myanmar, parents want to give a good life and good education to their children. As life is truly harsh, they give their children up for adoption to monasteries, where they become monks. Their life then becomes dedicated to Buddhism with daily prayers, food gathering, and focus on respecting others. As an outsider, I felt that their life is like a Swiss clock, regulated, with a heart beat that never stops and never surprises. The murals were critically damaged during the 2016 earthquake. The Temple has been closed since.

“God’s Rays,” by Oliver Klink. Cultures in Transition is a solo pop-up show happening on Saturday, June 22 from 4-7pm.

THE LAB, 3728 The Barnyard, Suite G-23 (second floor), Carmel. tidewingscreative.com


“McWay Falls” by Leslie Drew. Magical Realism is a group show of 12 Big Sur-based women artists. The opening reception happens on Friday, June 21 from 6-10pm. $10-$20.

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