Artifacts 05.10.18

The Weston Scholarship Exhibition opens 5:30-7:30pm Friday, May 11, at Monterey Museum of Art. 233-2100.

  • The Village Project, Inc. calls itself “a place where Black people could go to work through the challenges they faced and do so with the help of trusted practitioners.” It celebrates 10 years of doing so with an open house 10am-2pm Friday, May 11. William Jahmal Miller, former deputy director of the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Healthy Equity, speaks at noon. 392-1500,
  • Painter Usana Weaver is billed as an “Impressionist-realist,” which I have never heard of and can barely picture what that looks like. But you can delve into her alla prima and classical oil paintings at Monterey Moments, a solo show at Alvarado Gallery at the gleaming newMonterey Conference Center. It opens 5:30-7pm Friday, May 11. 242-8743.
  • The Monterey Museum of Art (on Pacific Street) is hosting the 2018 Weston Scholarship Exhibition and Awards Ceremony 5:30-7:30pm Friday, May 11.
  • Howard Burnham portrays worldly figures in local presentations with total commitment to the role. On Saturday, May 12, at 5:30pm, he gives a survey of Great War Poets and Poetry at the Little House in Pacific Grove’s Jewell Park for $10. Huzzah! 747-1630,
  • Did you know that Carmel’s Alan Silvestri scored the Avengers: Infinity War movie? Big up!Monterey Peninsula Voices and its conductor Sean Boulware (and guests) acknowledge the power of movie music in a concert 7pm Saturday, May 12, at the Monterey Conference Center ($15-$25). Expect cuts from The Mission, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Annie and more.
  • The Monterey Jazz Festival has a sister city – Noto, Japan. The city of Salinas has six sister cities, including Cebu, Philippines, and Soke, Turkey. Monterey Peninsula College Art Gallery’s new exhibit, Shared Seas, celebrates two years of cultural exchange between MPC and MTR, an upper secondary school in the fishing town of Olafsfjoour, Iceland. It opens 12:30-2pm Tuesday, May 15, with an artists’ talk at 1pm. 646-3060.
  • York students have created a new and improved interactive video exhibit at MY Museum. They used a small, cheap RaspberryPi computer, coded it using Python, used a laser cutter and 3D printers to manufacture components, and made the housing transparent so you can look into it. I don’t even know what “it” is, but I can’t wait to see it. 649-6444,

Walter Ryce has been an arts writer, calendar editor, culture columnist, sometime photographer, and one-time web content coordinator for the Monterey County Weekly. He began working at the paper, which is based in his hometown of Seaside, in 2007.

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