Artifacts 09.12.19

The Smart Shorts Celebration of Film, comprised of films shot on smartphones, is 12-3pm Saturday, Sept. 14, at Carl Cherry Center (and is currently sold out).

  • The Friends of the Marina Library (really, aren’t we all friends of the Marina Library?) invites you to this branch of the Monterey County Free Library for the Annual Giant Used Book Sale. In addition to books, you’ll find CDs, DVDs and VHS (which should be collector’s items any day now). The hours are 10am-6pm Thursday, 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday, 11am-3pm Sunday (everything half price on the last day), Sept. 12-15. A lot of volunteers combine forces to make this easy to navigate (and just to add yet another parenthetical, you never know what gems lie buried here).
  • Speaking of the Marina Library, they have announced that September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. So if you don’t get a library card by this month, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to wait ’til next year. Maybe next time you’ll… hold on. Apparently you can still get a library card after September. See? It’s good to read. And not just skim. 883-7507.
  • Mas Arte Production presents the End of Summer Showcase at Alisal Center for the Fine Arts 5-9pm Saturday, Sept. 14, featuring Sometimes Blue Band, DJ Sammy B, Eyez 97, Liquid Abyss, Lady S. Killz, Psyvibin, Benjamin Mancillas, Tallonted, Buddhe and more. Don’t know what any of that means? It means it’s a party y’all! With music that’s EQ’ed for young folks, 758-5715, 920-3045.
  • The Mission San Antonio de Padua art poster contest is open to age categories 5-11, 12-14, 15-18 and 19 and older, for prizes ranging from $100 Amazon gift cards to $500 cash. The theme is the mission, any medium is acceptable as long as it’s on the 11”x17” poster paper available at Armanasco Public Relations in Monterey, Hayashi & Wayland in Salinas, Rio Farms in King City, Access Publishing in Paso Robles or Mission San Antonio in Jolan. Finished entries are due by 3pm Friday, Sept. 27. 386-0599.
  • David Loye is a psychologist, evolutionary systems scientist, author of the award-winningThe Healing of a Nation, and husband of Riane Eisler. He is also a grandfather. He’s written a children’s story called Grandfather’s Garden: Some Bedtime Stories for Little and Big Folk(illustrated by A. Christopher Simon). Here is a summary of some of its characters: “The Clam that made a Pearl. The Baby Carrot who wanted to be a speed boat racer. Thudglinka and the Nasty Thistles. Phyllis the Talking Pillbox.” It will be available online and at independent bookstores Sept. 15.

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