Artifacts 11.03.16

Bonnie Sailer is one of the artists featured in the Pacific Grove Art Center's next round of exhibitions, opening 7-9pm Friday, Nov. 4.

  • Stevenson School is producing Dorothy Louise’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, running 7:30pm Thu-Sat, Nov. 3-5, at the school’s Keck Auditorium. $8-$12. 625-8389.
  • A big hit to come out of the Carmel Bach Festival the last couple years has been the children’s onstage storybook readings of The Epic Adventures of Leonard and Rasmus, accompanied by orchestral music. Leonard is a fictional boy who travels in his mind to far-off locales with his toy horse Rasmus, while the Bach Festival orchestra players strike up iconic music from said locale. Ravel’s “Bolero” for Spain, “Hoedown” from Aaron Copland’s Rodeo for the California Rodeo Salinas. The book it’s based on is the creation of the festival’s Tower Music Director Suzanne Mudge, and they are reprising the very popular family events twice this Saturday (Nov. 5) – 11am at St. Francis Xavier Church in Seaside, 4pm at Ariel Theatrical in Salinas – narrated in English and Spanish by Robert Gomez, and joined by area school musicians. $10. 624-1521.
  • Carol Chapman has a solo exhibition of breezy and colorful mixed media work called Cutting Up and Cutting Out at Carmel Art Association, opening 5-7pm this Saturday, Nov. 5. Look also for the concurrent shows by Helene GoldsteinSusan Giacometti and Jeff Daniel Smith. 624-6176,
  • Want to clone a mammoth? I think you do. I know I want to. My 9-year-old would probably vote yes. But should we? What would be the ramifications? Would there be any benefit? Evolutionary biologist Dr. Beth Shapiro, author of How to Clone a Mammoth, would like to talk to you about the prospect, and her work of extracting and characterizing DNA from fossil remains. Here’s the thing – if the technology becomes attainable, it’s likely going to happen. So better have a reasoned, civil conversation now (3-4:30pm Sunday, Nov. 6, at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History) than yelling at each other about who’s fault it is when pterodactyls and allosauruses are terrorizing the town. $5. 648-5716.
  • Check out Weekly contributing writer Ivan Garcia’s blog post on Bill Sanders’ multi-decade political cartoon exhibit at Open Ground Studios (which his daughter,Denise Sanders, runs with clockwork precision) now through Nov. 18.
  • Speaking of political cartoonery, what will you be doing as we initiate/avert the collapse of the United States on Nov. 8? Likely either popping Champagne or packing luggage. The former, I hope.

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