Artifacts 10.10.19

Elin Kelsey held forth on Oct. 7 at Golden Bough Theatre on the subject of silver linings in the clouds of doom over climate change, as part of the Philip Glass Days and Nights Festival.

  • Elin Kelsey, who lives part time in Monterey, is a pioneer in finding hope in the doom and gloom of climate change science and reporting. She gives uplifting talks at schools and co-created the hashtag #OceanOptimism. On Monday, Oct. 7, she presented a torrent of positive news about climate change – including the regenerative power of nature and the adaptability of its creatures – at Golden Bough Theatre as a free portion of Philip Glass’ Days and Nights Festival.
  • If, after watching Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1938 play, Our Town, you feel like you’ve been to the town of Grover’s Corner, that’s just the immersive and folksy spell of the writing working on your brain. The play is classic Americana, retooled with avant-garde theater vitality. Kudos to small local theater troupe Paraphrase for taking it to another level by adding choreographed dance and folk music at their Jewell Park performances, directed by Camrin E. Dannelly and Victoria Sanchez. 5pm Fri-Sun, Oct. 11-13. $25-$55.
  • “Abandoned by her white father, 13-year-old Red Dove faces another lean winter with her Lakota family on the Great Plains.” That’s the opening salvo of a synopsis on author Sonia Antaki’s new novel of historical fiction, Red Dove: Listen to the Wind, which is aimed at ages 9-14 and dedicated to her goddaughter Lily Spotted Elk. Antaki debuts and signs her book 1-3pm Tuesday, Oct. 15, at River House Books at the Carmel Crossroads. 914-645-4578,
  • The Q&A portions of Harrison Memorial Library’s Community Night with the Library have been so enthusiastic that the library and its foundation have built out a new program inspired by them – Fireside Chats at the Library (“library” and “fire” seem like two words you don’t want in the same sentence). The first in the series is a talk titled “Navigating democracy in the era of big data and deep fakes” by CSUMB associate dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (where my wife teaches) Andrew Drummond, 6:30pm Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Harrison Memorial. It’s free, register at
  • Death is inevitable. But many people are unprepared for it. Pacific Grove hospice physicianGerald D. Griffin and medical social worker Pam Umann have co-written a book that offers a guide through the process, titled The Last Days of Winter: Secrets from the Seasons of Dying, now available through Amazon.

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