Artifacts 12.26.19

Monterey County Weekly offices in Seaside, circa early 1991.

  • The annual Monterey County Artists Studio Tour is one of the biggest local art events ’round these parts. The West End Celebration may have more participating artists, but the tour is the biggest geographically speaking, ranging from South County to North County, from the Peninsula to the Valley. But what if you don’t have the resources to participate? You can apply for a scholarship from alterudiostudio till Feb. 1, 2020.,
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, Boxing Day. The end-of-the-year holiday season can be relentless if you’re not prepared. Parents, if you’ve forgotten that your kids’ school is closed while you still have to work, the city of Monterey may have a place for those 5-12 years old in their winter break program of arts, crafts, cooking, games, music and movement, 7:30am-5:30pm, Dec. 30-Jan. 7. $210-$240/week; $50/day. 646-3866,
  • There are so many New Year’s Eve celebrations that it gets to be a jumble. Look to theWeekly’s A&E Calendar to sort out the pile-on. MY Museum has a cute one that’s just for kids, and may be the earliest local NYE celebration on record. It’s called Noon Year’s Eve, runs 10am-12:30pm, and comes with noisemakers, face painting, party hats and a countdown – to the lighting of the Noon Year’s Eve ball. $15. Register at 649-6444.
  • Carmel Maker Space has a different spin on New Year’s Eve party, focused on the technology of 2020, with presentations on virtual reality, 3D modeling and visualization, tiny houses, 3D printing, social media and more. They are downstairs in the Su Vecino Courtyard next to Cultura Restaurant in Carmel. $10. 7pm-1am Dec. 31. 250-7929,
  • Gallery Mar is a new art gallery in the epicenter of Carmel that opened in September. It houses interesting and whimsical contemporary work that still fits in with the overall gestalt of the upscale town. Check it out.
  • In case you’ve forgotten, the Monterey County Gives! campaign is still going, till midnight Dec. 31. It’s a good way to make your donation dollars go further in supporting the county’s arts organizations and creative nonprofits.
  • So… here we are. The very last sentence of the 2019 Artifacts columns. And what should that sentence be? This: Thank you for reading.

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