Artifacts 07.25.19

Youth Arts Collective co-founders Marcia Perry and Meg Biddle will talk at Forest Hill in Pacific Grove as part of its monthly speaker series 3:30pm Wednesday, July 31.

  • The Family Concert of the Carmel Bach Festival found a fascinating theme to wrap around the ongoing children’s story of precocious kid Leonard and his talking horse Rasmus: insects. While delivering marvelous insect-themed songs like Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” and Elena Kats-Chernin’s “Butterflying,” the players wove in a conservation message, entomology science, nature appreciation and buggy costumes. Funny thing about the kid-friendly concert – plenty of adults without little ones. And why not? It’s an accessible, light and comedic presentation of excellent music, and one of the cheapest tickets of the festival.
  • The Monterey Museum of Art has hitched its trailer to the California Rodeo Salinas with its own spin-off, Free Family Fun Day: Rodeo Round Up! (exclamation point theirs). There’s going to be all kinds of activities for the lil pardners like paper picador making, abstract paper sculpture forests, tissue paper skyscrapers, night light pastel cityscapes (just wait, it gets more rodeo in a minute), make your own rodeo get-up, hobby horse races and lasso toss. It’s 11am-5pm Saturday, July 27, and, like the title says, it’s free. 372-5477,
  • Who better to talk about space flight than a former astronaut? With a background of 23 years working at NASA, including flights to the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope, James H. Newman… Hello, Newman!… will talk at the Carmel Foundation 2:30-4pm Wednesday, July 31, about life on Earth, robotic exploration and our prospects here on the third rock from the sun. Sounds like some Interstellar-type suggestion coming on. 620-8705,
  • The Weekly has covered the photographic work of Marc Silber going back to 2005. But lately he’s channeling his experience into a dual identity as an author. He’s put out two photography guides, and has recently dropped a third book, Create: Tools from Seriously Talented People to Unleash Your Creative Life, is filled with wisdom by people like Instagram photographer Chris Burkard, Grammy winner David Campbell (father of Beck), and Afro-Native American photographer Camille Seaman. The book is in bookstores now.
  • Stop me if I’ve mentioned this before. But the Arts Council for Monterey County (which has recently become a tenant in the Weekly’s building – we’re having a party to celebrate at 7:30pm Friday, July 26) is accepting nominations for the 2020 Champions of the Arts, until Aug. 15.

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