Artifacts 07.26.18

Carmel Bach Festival's Community Concert at St. Francis Xavier Church in Seaside last Thursday.

  • A tip of the hat to the Carmel Bach Festival’s community concert in Seaside last Thursday evening. Not only were the program, the venue and the vibe all conducive to easy and attentive listening by a diverse audience young and old, but they served sandwiches, cookies, wine and other goodies afterward for audience members to mingle with musicians, like some refined block party. The festival concludes this weekend, but look for Bach Fest events throughout the year.
  • From July 9-13, poet, poetry radio show host and CSU Monterey Bay lecturer Rachelle Escamilla was the visiting scholar in the Library of Congress’ Hispanic Division representing CSUMB’s Service Learning Institute. She did research on Chicano labor in California and the Bracero program, uncovered her grandfather’s 1969 congressional testimony about bringing a free lunch and health program to San Benito County, and read poems from her books into the Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape. Not bad, not bad.
  • Youth Arts Collective’s 24hr Artathon combines the late-night fun of a slumber party with the grind of an all-nighter and the energy of teenagers, then they present the resulting work in the Summer Art Show at YAC, 5-9pm Friday, July 27. The work is sold at an accessible price, and the vibe is reliably upbeat. 375-9922,
  • Some people who are paying attention and still care have denounced the fact that there were no prosecutions in the wake of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis that precipitated the Great Recession. Well, almost none. Academy Award-nominated film Abacus: Small Enough to Jail is about how the feds came after one bank – the Manhattan Chinatown Abacus Federal Savings, which faithfully served the Chinese immigrant community. It leads to a five-year David vs. Goliath battle, which you can witness 2-4pm Sunday, July 29, at Monterey Public Library’s community room. 372-5726.
  • Photographer Will Furman is invited by Gentrain Society to lecture on his work, sifted through a lifetime immersion in film, drama, theater, music and photography. One subject he’ll likely talk about is his new book Bodie – Good Times and Bad featuring his historic “inside out” photos of historic Western towns with text by Nicholas Clapp. He may also talk about his cabaret singing. You never know until you go. It’s 1:30-2:30pm Wednesday, Aug. 1, at Monterey Peninsula College’s Lecture Forum 103. 372-0895,

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