Artifacts 06.06.19

A hand-built, closet-sized shelter serves as an ad hoc free library full mostly with children's books off Broadway/Obama Way in Seaside.

  • Over a period of many weeks, I recently read Bram Stoker’s Dracula and H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau. If I had waited until June 1, I would have been able to sign up for Monterey Public Library’s Summer Reading Program and earn prizes for it. Oh well. Reading is its own reward, I guess. The program runs to July 31, and along the way there will be free performances, lectures, classes and more. It kicks off with a family-friendly party 1-4pm Saturday, June 8, at Colton Hall with performers, crafts, snacks, firefighters and the police (in case the party gets too wild). 646-3933,
  • Fred Jealous has been a teacher and activist for decades, was a facilitator for the Institute on Healing Racism, and is a Lifetime Member of the NAACP (his son was national president). Sue Parris is chapter director of the National Coalition Building Institute, and is a founding member of Whites for Racial Equity. Those two guide you through a presentation and film titled “Race: The power of an illusion,” 2-5pm Saturday, June 8, at Monterey Peace and Justice Center. 899-7322,
  • The Arts Council for Monterey County has announced a “map” of artistic and cultural destinations from King City to Marina, aimed specifically at visitors to the U.S. Open. It includes familiar (to us locals, at least) venues like Palenke Arts in Seaside, Youth Arts Collective in Monterey, Pacific Grove Art Center in… you get the idea. “Our goal is to show visitors our thriving creative sector,” according to Executive Director Paulette Lynch.
  • In an effort to cover more underserved areas of Monterey County, Monterey County Free Libraries has launched 30 branchlets – birdhouse-style book dispensaries based on the honor system of “take a book, leave a book” – to encourage locals to make reading a part of their lives. New and used books are added by library staff and neighbors. There is a brochure with the locations mapped out, and more info is at 883-7542 or
  • The Monterey County Film Commission is turning the big spotlight on Big Little Lies. But they are involved in little local endeavors that mean big things to students. They’ve awarded their $2,000 film scholarship for 2019 to Erin Mansel of CSU Monterey Bay’s Cinematic Arts Department. She’ll use the money to get her film, Screaming in Silence, about being deaf, out into the world. Toni Erebia and Nicolas Oliva were awarded $500 scholarships each. 646-0910,

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