Artifacts 10.24.19

Two colorful insects take in the hurly burly of last year's Monterey County Weekly Halloween Ball.

  • In 2014, Matthew Yglesias co-founded with Ezra Klein and Melissa Bell. He’s coming to the Middlebury Institute of International Studies’ Morse Building, Room B104, to talk about the topic “Reactionary politics as a cause of economic decline.” I can hear liberals out there now, saying, “Tell me more.” Well, it’s 6-7:30pm Thursday, Oct. 24. 647-4183,
  • It’s not a long walk to get from the worlds of comic books to to Halloween. So it’s a natural fit for Current Comics to host Halloween Comic Fest 2019, 11am to 7pm Saturday, Oct. 26. They’ll give out free Halloween-themed comics and candy (while supplies last) and it coincides with the trick-or-treat event happening along Lighthouse Avenue from 2-5pm.
  • It’s the season of scary fantastical monsters. But if you want a real-life scare, the Monterey Peace and Justice Center has something for you. They’re screening the film A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics, and the American Dream, about the theory that a person’s intelligence, propensity to commit crimes, or ability to succeed is largely determined biologically, and that the human population can be improved by breeding desirable traits and culling undesirable ones – an idea taken to its extreme by the Nazis in Germany. One proponent in the film says, “Unless whites are prepared to exclude people, then we will be shoved aside.” Director and co-writer Stephanie Welch and producer Jed Riffe will speak after the film. 2-4:15pm Saturday, Oct. 26. 899-7322.
  • It’s heartening that a talk titled “Lessons from the Salinas fields: pesticides and children’s health” revolving around about a 20 year study of children living in Salinas, is happening at all. The fact that it’s happening in Carmel – home to a newspaper in which regular reporting from Salinas Valley and about Latinos focuses exclusively on crime – is downright rebellious. Thanks go to speaker Brenda Eskenazi, PhD, Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at UC Berkeley, and also to the intellectually and artistically scrappy venue ofThe Lab at the Barnyard, run by Mike Scutari. 7pm Sunday, Oct. 27, $10-$20 suggested.
  • There be pirates. Or, at least, there used to be pirates. Local historian Todd Cook has written a book about the 200-year period in which pirates prowled the seas, titled Pirates & Rogues of Monterey Bay, available through Arcadia Publishing and The History Press.

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